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Nottingham Forest 2019-20 Season So Far

Nottingham Forest are set to recommence their Championship campaign shortly at Sheffield Wednesday, so Gabriel Sutton spoke to five lifelong reds. Jess Beasley (@nffcjessx), Sam Randall (SR1two8), Peter Walker (@woolly80), Ryan Wise (@ryanwise94) and Patrick O’Kane (@sportingpat) all offer their views. You’ve likely attained your first top six finish since 2010-11, finishing above Derby County… Read more →

Port Vale 2019-20 Season Review with Joe Baker, Nathan Shapland and Scott Challinor

It’s been a progressive season for the Vale, so Gabriel Sutton caught up with lifelong fans Joseph Baker (@pvfclolly), Nathan Shapland (@_Nathanshapland) and Scott Challinor (@PicardyBreezer) to discuss it. The obvious explanation for Port Vale’s transformation from relegation candidates to Play-Off contenders would be the change of ownership, which the club had needed for a… Read more →