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Top 10 modern football technologies

Nowadays, many advanced technologies have been applied to the football industry. In fact, there is a significant change in the way the team players optimize their performances or their training.  Today, in this post, we will bring you the top 10 modern football technologies that are widely used in the world. Watch live football at… Read more →

Football History in England

It’s safe to say that football has always been the most popular sport in England. From the first-time people from England got the chance to kick a ball on the grass field until the present day, football has been watched and played by the majority of people in the country. Its overall popularity has always… Read more →

Live football and the benefits it brings to people

The form of football livestream on major social networks such as facebook, youtube, web… makes viewers crazy because they can watch the match anytime, anywhere without depending on television. Thanks to professional football live stream devices, users can both watch the match while commenting with others extremely interesting. In particular, using livestream football equipment allows… Read more →

Strange figures in world football history

Meta: The football world has many strange things. In addition to excellent players in matches, there are also some players who act extremely strange. Football is a famous sport that is interested and admired by many people around the world. From football matches to the players participating in the competition, even the personalities and families of… Read more →


The rock French international arrived at Barcelona with load of prospect and desired to be at the top. Samuel Umtiti arrived at offering privileged physical and tactical conditions. The former Olympique Lyon defender was on the rise to be the next big thing in football as his positioning, defensive awareness and technicality is second to… Read more →