Top football players with the most terrible height in the world

The advantage of height is one of the advantages that makes football so dangerous. The teams with the highest football players, always dominate every game. World football fans have many times been surprised when they see players coming out and outperforming other players in height. However, many people certainly do not fully understand who the players of the height that many dreams are. Reference articles from the Bongdatructuyen VIP (Xem truc tiep bong da) shared below will help you get more information to answer those questions.

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Kristof Van Hout

This player appeared on the football field with a huge height of up to 2m08. Kristof Van Hout is ranked in the top of the tallest player in the world. With any sport, the height over 2m is in the “rare hard to find” row. But in this king sport, height over 2m is not uncommon. A goalkeeper born in 1987 with a height of 2.08m is a typical example. This player plays for Belgium in a professional way.

Although he is of great height, belongs to the form of players with the tallest height in the world, but he has not yet developed many of his strengths. The reason is that he often has to sit on the bench. Hope to see the “spiderman” with a great height to pay more for the club K.V.Kortrijk.

Peter Crouch

This football player also has an ideal height of 2m0. As a striker born in 1981, player Peter Crouch is noticed by many for his great height. When ranking the highest players, he was never short of names. This player of great height is also promoted by a series of Premier League clubs.

If you are someone who regularly hears the player’s news, you will know, Peter Crouch has contributed shoe prints at Portsmouth, Aston Villa, Liverpool. He is also considered a player with the ability to play first and be a wall for his teammates. It can be seen that the enormous height has helped him get this advantage.

Besides being one of the tallest players in the world, Peter Crouch also particularly caught the attention of the celebration. Fans cannot forget his robotic-style victory celebrations in his hits.

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Zarko Markovic

Zarko Markovic is a professional soccer player born in 1987 in Serbia. He is the defender possessing the most impressive height in the world today. His height is known to be admirably 2.04m.

Currently, Zarko Markovic is wearing the football shirt of the Gaz Medias CS club. He is considered by everyone to be a versatile defender, with smart play and a powerful header.

Oyvind Hoas

Born in 1983, although he hasn’t really had any extraordinary moments on the pitch, Oyvind Hoas left a special impression with his height of 2.03 meters. That is really an impressive number for a striker. With the advantage of height, a striker can show all his technique and play through situations of hand-to-hand disputes or post-fixed situations. However, like most other tall players, Oyvind Hoas has not really developed their advantages to get the most expected results.

Tor Hogne Aaroy

Striker Tor Hogne Aaroy always attracts special attention on the pitch with his striking height of 2.04m. Not only possessing the ideal height, the Norwegian player also shows agility and good finishing ability every time he appears on the field.

The most remarkable thing in his playing career is his 10 years with the Aalesund club with 242 matches and 90 goals scored. Currently, although he has left the field for nearly 5 years, Aaroy is always mentioned as a symbol of height in the football village.

Yang Changpeng

Born in 1989, striker Yang Changpeng made many players admire when he had a huge height of 2.05m (in fact, many sources confirmed his height was up to 2.09m, not 2.05m). With an Asian bloodline – which is not a bloodline with dominant genes in height, Yang Changpeng is a special case.

Having the advantage of height, but his playing career was not really successful when he did not leave many prominent marks in the shirt of the Chendu Blades Club.

Nikola Zigic

Another name on the list of tallest players in the world is Nikola Zigic with a height of 2.02m. Currently, he is playing for the club Birmingham City as a striker. During his football career, he has played for the Serbian national team 53 times with 20 amazing goals. Football experts rated him as one of the highest football players in the world. It is a great honour that you received the title of the best player in Serbia in 2003, 2005, and 2006.

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Stefan Maierhofer

2.02m is the height of the Austrian striker, before coming to his football career he used to be a restaurant chef. In 2005, Stefan Maierhofer joined Bayern Munich, where he only played 2 matches from 2005 to 2007. After passing a series of other clubs with a less prominent career, Stefan Maierhofer returned home to Austria in the colors of Red Bull Salzburg in 2011.

Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson continues to be a child of Norway on the list of players over 2m tall. He owns a height of 2m03. Allen Iverson played as a defender and is known by many people for his disciplined and strong play.

The peak moment in Allen Iverson’s career was in the years 2006, 2007. He competed in the Norwegian national championship. However, because there were no conditions to go abroad, Allen Iverson’s talent was greatly limited.

With a great height, the players easily promote their advantages on the pitch and create surprises for their team. Great height plus the good technique is the best advantage of creating football magic. Above is the top footballer in the world in history. Besides the players who make good use of their advantages, there are people who are not really successful. Obviously, in football, success depends on many different factors. Hope the hot football news this week will bring you useful information.