Strange figures in world football history

Meta: The football world has many strange things. In addition to excellent players in matches, there are also some players who act extremely strange.

Football is a famous sport that is interested and admired by many people around the world. From football matches to the players participating in the competition, even the personalities and families of those players are also very interested by the fans. Some players have strange things, which make them weird players. What’s weird here? Here are the strange football players that w88 would recommend to you. W88 is currently the reputable bookmaker in sports betting & online casino in Asia and around the world. You can register for an account and place bets. 

Silvio Berlusconi

Berlusconi also proved gifted in football











Once claiming to be the greatest politician in the world, Berlusconi also proved gifted in football. He once postponed a meeting with the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, to call back home required Carlo Ancelotti to use two strikers in the attack of AC Milan. Berlusconi also vehemently criticized coach Dino Zoff in the Euro 2000 final for not accompanying Zidane. Meanwhile, in this match, Zidane is one of the worst players.

Stefan Effenberg

It was the one who pointed the middle finger at the fans. This action caused him to pay the price by being sent home early while the German team was still playing in the 94th World Cup. And yet, Effenberg is also the “robber” of his best friend Thomas Strunz’s wife. He also has to pay a fine of 100,000 euros for defaming the police, compensating 40,000 pounds for beating women. 

Eric Cantona

This star’s famous kung-fu shot to a Crystal Palace fan in 1995 is a rare story not only of English football but also world football. Curse coach, criticize teammate Didier Deschamps is just the name to carry water for the French team, throw the ball at the referee. What action Cantona has also at least tried.


He was immediately sent to the stands and received a proper punishment










A Fluminese fan criticized Romario for a bad kick, he was immediately sent to the stands and received a proper punishment. Most recently, Romario asked Pele to put his shoes in his mouth to avoid talking wildly when the Soccer King asked Romario to retire.

Taribo West

The former star of the Nigerian national team has a unique green hair. And even more unique when he is currently active in one church in Italy.

Hristo Stoichkov

The Bulgaria coach when he was playing, jumped into the opponent’s dressing room, snatched the cup they won and threw it furiously through the window. Arriving in Spain, Stoichkov cried justifying his innocence when he was shown a red card for beating the referee. By the time the bad play was replayed on television, Stoichkov did not argue.

Rene Higuita

This quirky goalkeeper is the famous scorpion save author, who helped Roger Milla score in his brother’s Colombian team, considering drug lord Andres Escobar as a close friend, once accused of kidnapping. Recently, Higuita was also involved in problems related to cocaine.

Carlos Bilardo

He had intended to run for president of Argentina with the suggestion












When he was playing, Bilardo sneaked his needle into the football field, when he approached the opponent, he asked: “Which hospital do you want to be in”, then took his hand. He had intended to run for president of Argentina with the suggestion that Maradona would be mayor of a city and once set fire to the opponent’s shirt after a home team player gave it to him. Bilardo is angry because the team lost 0-6 but must also see the enemy’s shirt.

Bora Milutinovic

“Curse the referee in a language he does not know is the right thing to do”, teacher Milutinovic once taught his students like that. “I have to take a picture of me first and show it to me, if I am beautiful then I will answer the interview” is also Milutinovic’s style. The coach also promised that he would hang at the Great Wall of China failed to qualify for the World Cup.

Vinnie Jones

I published a video series that taught 1,001 bad ways in football. When coach Bobby Gould asked to leave the field, Jones immediately grabbed his shirt and lifted the opponent against the wall. Jones threatened: “Do you know that my parents are watching me play?”. Gould allowed Jones to continue, but just seven minutes later, he was shown a red card on his first save with Mick Harford.