Football Betting: Premier League relegation odds

Although football has not been the same ever since the restart, football fans can’t help but be anxious about several league tables will end, who will secure the top four spot who will be relegated by the end of the league campaign.

Just like how you can predict who will win a particular league at the beginning of the season, you can also place a bet on the club you believe will be relegating at the end of the season. Betting on football, a Manchester United fan, according to report, placed a bet on Liverpool to win the Premier League at the end of the season, he won the bet he staked for £55,000, which was said to be his inheritance, in October now he is taking home £91,000. There are should be more punters that have staked correctly and won hiding the dark, but that is a high risk the United fan pulled.

In the English Premier League, Norwich City has already been deemed a relegated team in the league with only three games to go. But other clubs will prefer not to be relegated with them as they activate their battle spirits, with hopes of avoiding it.

Norwich was confirmed to be the first team to be relegated after suffering a 4-0 defeat against West Ham last weekend. The Hammers, themselves, are not far off from the relegation zone as they are currently rooted in the 16th position with only three points from AFC Bournemouth and Aston Villa, who both occupy the 18th and 19th position in the league.

Football Betting: Who is most Likely to relegate this season

As implied by several bookies on football Betting, right after the relegation of Norwich City, AFC Bournemouth have a 90% chance of being relegated, Aston Villa retains 88%, Watford claims 20% while West Ham has 11% chance of being relegated this season. Football Betting has been regarded as one of the most profitable bets in the world but it also has its risk, this is the most favourable time to bet on football as several leagues is coming to end.

Premier League relegation Football betting 

West Ham United was given (8/1) following their impressive 4-0 victory against Norwich last weekend, the Hammers’ win sealed the Canaries return to the EFL Championship after one spending season in the English Top Flight. Gaining three-points the Hammers total points became 34 on par with Watford, who will be their next match.

While Aston Villa (1/7) and AFC Bournemouth (1/9) could be said to have one foot in the Championship and the other in the League. The Villans were able to defeat Crystal Palace in a 2-0-win last weekend but were unable to achieve a victory against Everton during the week as they ended in a stalemate. The Cherries, on the other hand, are also able to claim a 4-1 victory against Leicester City, who are competing for the top four spots but were unable to Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium on Wednesday. Betting on football, punters will see that the odds available for the last two matches will be crucial and interesting. Aston Villa will be facing off Arsenal and West Ham while the Bournemouth will be meeting Southampton and Everton for their last two matches. Both clubs might need to ask for a miracle to avoid a relegation seal.

Football betting websites are giving Watford (4/1) odds to relegate this season. Watford is also on 34 points with West Ham after securing two consecutive victories against Newcastle United and Norwich City.