Will social media change the way we look at sports?

The Premier League season 2018/2019 has reached the half-way point, with Liverpool six points ahead of Tottenham and seven points clear of Manchester City. However, is that the only important subject to discuss regarding the top league football? Many would argue no. 

Another subject that is gaining more and more on importance is, ‘Who is winning the Premier League on social media?’. Social media has become a big factor in football.

Sports fans from the BettingSites’ team produced an infographic that shows the exact point when the impact of social media on sports began, and stats on how the two are related today. 

Judging by the info it shows, the answer to our question from the title would be a definite ‘Yes.’ Let’s see why.

Football Fans Looking for Their Fix Online

The first thing that caught our eyes on the infographic is that 61% of sports fans follow sports online. The TV is no more the go-to place to find out everything about the latest standings, watch match recaps, and hear players’ post-match interviews. 

To find all of that, football fans are going to the internet and social media. Between 2013 and 2016, the number of fans using the internet exclusively to find sports content grew from 21% to 39%. 

The four biggest social media platforms that most football teams and organizations contend for are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Some are obviously doing worse than others. 

To be more precise, 93% of global sports leaders believe that the social media engagement of football fans and sports fans in general will continue to grow exponentially over the next 5-10 years. Therefore, we should see more and more engagement from sports clubs and organisations as well.

The Most Popular Football Teams on Social Media

The club with the most-viewed social media platform is currently Real Madrid, who have 108 million followers on Facebook; close behind them are FC Barcelona and Manchester United. 

Social media is also changing the way football fans approach sports betting. Thanks to social media, more and more sports fans have become dependent on smartphones, which means that most of them also use them to bet online. 

If you are interested in finding out more about this subject and a lot more, take a closer look at the infographic, which is worth reading and scratching one’s head over the mind-boggling facts.