Yeovil Town mid-season review

yeovilThe Football Lab interviewed Yeovil Town supporter Andrew Foot. You can follow him on Twitter @BlackthornStand

When he was manager, Gary Johnson seemed to use a lot of excuses such as low budget, poor support and refereeing decisions, for bad results. Do you feel supporters began to get tired of this?

I think views on this are mixed to be honest. While there is some sympathy at the lack of finances at the club, no one knows the club better than Gary and he must have always known this was the case. He sat down with the board in the summer and seemed happy with the budget he was given, and it was enough to allow him to rebuild the squad with some decent contracted players. He said we needed crowds of 5,000 to sustain the side he wanted to build but he must also have known this would never be realistic in League One. He does have a point with some of the decisions against us, and even the FA have agreed with him on that, but I think a manger only makes excuses when they are running out of ideas. Sadly, towards the end, that seemed to be the case with Johnson.

Terry Skiverton is currently interim manager. Would you be content to see him remain in charge?

Not long term if I’m honest, no. I like Skiverton and everything he has done for the club. He’s been here right through a hugely successful spell in our history and will always go down in folklore for that reason; but I’m far from convinced he is a long term answer as manager. We have had the same people involved at the club for so many years, partly because they have been involved in so much success, but there comes a time when fresh eyes and a new approach are needed and I think that time is now.

Midfielder Joe Edwards has been a consistent presence in this Yeovil side for a long time. What does he add to the team?

On his day Joe adds fire, determination and fight to the midfield which has often made the difference between victory and defeat. He was a huge part of our League One Play-Off winning side, and excelled in a struggling Championship side last season; especially after Ed Upson departed for Millwall. Since he has been made captain, he’s felt the pressure a bit and performances this season have often been below his usual standard but he’s still a crucial player capable of dominating midfields and pushing the whole team forward.

Yeovil have scored the lowest number of goals in the Football League. Would you say this is primarily down to wasteful finishing, rather than poor approach play?

I think to a degree it’s a bit of both. We have often started matches well and looked to push forward but things just seem to break down in the attacking third. The fact we don’t have someone we can rely on to get goals maybe makes the midfield hesitant in just knocking a ball in to the box, which results in us over playing and attacks breaking down. The strikers have also been guilty of missing chances, too, but we should probably also have the confidence to shoot from range a bit more often. It’s just a worrying theme as we’ve struggling up front for two consecutive seasons now and I think that shows whenever we go forward.

Striker Gozie Ugwu has scored 3 goals in 7 games since joining the club. Could he prove to be a key signing?

He has been key in that he’s offering us an outlet up front and his goals are keeping our faint hopes of survival alive. Whether they are enough remains to be seen. He’s a good player who has come in with confidence after a decent spell in Scotland and he’s been a breath of fresh air but we can’t rely on him to win us enough points by himself. Whether or not we go down, I hope we can get him tied on to a deal beyond the end of this season and then he really could become key for us longer term.

You predicted a top half finish for Yeovil in the summer, which looks unlikely now. Do you think you will stay up?

It’s sad to have to answer this question in late February as we really should be knocking around in mid-table by this stage. The players should have been good enough and we should have got enough points to not be too concerned about relegation by this stage, but the season has been a disaster from the moment it kicked off. We can’t string together back to back wins this season and every win just seems to be a flash in the pan. Unless we can go on a run of two or three wins in a row then I don’t see how we will get out of trouble in the time we have left; and even then it’ll be difficult. I just can’t see us surviving if I’m honest, and I think many minds are already turning to making sure we stop the slide in League Two.