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No sympathy for Wenger

The national reaction to Arsene Wenger’s relief-filled celebration after his side’s 2-1 FA Cup semi-final win over Manchester City, was one of compassion. This is a man who loves Arsenal Football Club, a man who has faced non-stop criticism from fans and media over the last three months, a man deserving of more respect for… Read more →

Arsenal should twist in post-Wenger era

It seems increasingly likely that this will be Arsene Wenger’s final season as manager of Arsenal. The time has come for ‘the club’ – take that to include which individuals you will – to plan for his successor. The most likely course of action, particularly if Wenger is involved in the decision, is that they appoint a manager with a… Read more →

Fan Channels: the elephant in the room

Since Gary Neville used the word ‘embarrassing’ to describe Arsenal fans on Arsenal Fan TV slating Arsene Wenger, the subject of fan channels has captured national interest. Robbie, the voice of AFTV and perhaps fan channels more generally, has responded strongly. He argues that his channel gives committed, ordinary supporters a voice in a footballing… Read more →