Will an English Side Conquer In Europe Once Again?

The Premier League enjoyed dominance in the Champions League last season, with an all English final that saw Chelsea win only their second title.

It was a night that will have hurt Pep Guardiola and his Manchester City side deeply and he will be desperate to land the side the trophy before his tenure at the club comes to an end. But will it be this year?

There are a number of clubs who will be contenders this year. So much so you it’s the same as spinning a roulette wheel on top AU casino sites and randomly receiving a winner. In England, the likes of Manchester City, Chelsea and Manchester United could all be considered serious contenders, while elsewhere in Europe there’s of course the likes of Bayern Munich, PSG, Real Madrid and more.

What The Bookies Are Saying

The Lionel Messi move has had a huge say with the bookmakers and sticking with the gambling analogy, if you were playing poker on Jeux en Ligne de Casino you’d have said the French side have been dealt an unbeatable hand.

Of course, it’s football though and not everything is that simple. Like poker anything can happen. PSG are 10/3 favourites though with Manchester City just behind at 9/2.

It’s difficult to win back-to-back Champions League titles, but Chelsea are joint third favourites with Bayern at 6/1, while Liverpool are at 9/1.

Where Will The Trophy Go?

The trophy may well go back to the Premier League. Each English team has improved over the summer with the likes of Ibrahima Konate, Raphael Varane, Jadon Sancho, Romelu Lukaku, Jack Grealish and Cristiano Ronaldo all adding an extra dimension to their respective clubs, and that will look terrifying to European opposition.

It will be up to Bayern or PSG, and possibly Real Madrid to ultimately stop the Premier League from dominating once again, and like the late 70s through to early 80s and the mid-2000s, where English teams were regularly making finals, we could be on the verge of a real British dynasty in European football.