What Can We Expect From The 20/21 Season?

European football is finally underway once again as the dates for the remaining three big leagues have been announced – the UK Premier League, Spanish La Liga, and Italian Serie A will all begin within the next fortnight following the current success in the Bundesliga. For the Premier League, it has already been announced that the fixtures won’t change and will be played as the were previously scheduled, just at an increasing pace – this change could see more than ten games played per week in order to hit a deadline of August in order for the 20/21 season to start by the first week of September, but what could be expected from the new season if it is set to go ahead in such a short timeframe?

Attendance restrictions

Much like now, there will no doubt be heavy restrictions on fan attendance as stadiums will remain closed off to fans for the foreseeable future. We have seen rumblings in other sport however that there may be options to open stadiums at a reduced capacity, if this is the case then we may see even on a limited basis some fans be allowed to attend games – this will of course be tentative and subject to change, but as early as September it may be possible for some limited fan attendance.

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Some missing players

Experts have warned that because of the increasing pace that games will be played at as well as some not being in the best possible shape, then we may expect injury rates to rise as much as 25% – this could see teams drastically change their starting 11 over the course of the next few months as the clubs deal with the potential for star players to be out for a little longer.

A permanent change to the sport

It has already been suggested that social distancing will be around for a long time – this has led to teams reducing the number of support staff attending games as well as changing methods outside of the game – given the ongoing status of the virus, we may see some of these changes become more permanent as the teams adjust for the short term and new ways to manage with the changes become more comfortable.

For now, however, it’s just about seeing the current season through – whether you’re watching just the one league or all of European football and the upcoming  Champions League, there’s plenty of football to come – great news for betting fans too as the faster pace these games will be played are squeezing more fixtures in to a shorter period of time, many odds are already live too and they’re listed here as previously mentioned the features haven’t changed – odds may be a little more volatile however just because of the downtime recently had with the coronavirus. For fans looking toward other leagues within the UK, the Championship will start shortly after the Premier league and there is still a lot of uncertainty around the smaller teams – but even more so now as there have already been ten positive COVID-19 tests within the league.