Prem on track, others not so much

Over the past two weeks that has been some great news for sporting fans around the world as many events were back underway or gearing up for a restart since the wave of postponements and cancellations begun to roll out in the mid to end of March – this has also been great news for betting fans as betting sites and non UK casinos at Maximum are also beginning to prepare odds for when fixtures are made available and schedules are tightened up – some level of normalcy is appearing to be back on track, but it may not be good news for all.

The first early signs of good news were in Germany as the Bundesliga got back underway and has gone very well with little to no disruption – this has started to pave the way for other leagues to get back on track as Italy and Spain are also preparing for a restart. Within the UK, the Premier League is set to be the first to get back underway as higher ups aim at a quick turnaround to see the season through to completion and reduce losses as much as possible, it had been announced that a return date may be agreed upon this week as early June had been the target to ensure all games would be played – following what is happening within Germany, this could spell up to eighteen games per week, meaning over seventy games per week would be played across the four big European leagues.

There had been some cause for concern – given what is current happening the contact nature of the sport led many to believe the players were at increased risk of catching the virus, similar fears had been mentioned regarding injury as it had been suggested many could be at 25% increased risk of picking up an injury due to the intense schedule they’ll be under. These concerns however may seem a little trivial to some teams within the Championship league and below as their entire club could be at risk.

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As early as April it had been made clear that some of the smaller teams may not be able to recover from the cancellation at all – a number of teams had already been mentioned as at risk – as many of these teams rely on the match day ticket sales, this extended period of time without play has seen many begin to struggle – given the lack of division amongst the teams however the Championship may find a return to play before the Premier League does, but this may not solve the problems that many face as these ‘ghost’ games without fans in attendance are expected for the foreseeable future. There have been nods in other sports such as Cricket announcing that it may be possible to get fans back in stadiums at a reduced capacity, but whether or not this is a feasible solution, and whether or not it could help these smaller teams is something still to be explored.