Will Wilfried Zaha leave Crystal Palace?

After revealing he wants to leave Selhurst Park in hopes to play in the Champions League in the future, Crystal Palace slapped a rather high price tag on their star winger for any club that would want to buy him this summer. According to some football transfer news, Roy Hodgson is adamant that Wilfried Zaha will not leave Crystal Palace in the summer transfer window.

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Wilfried Zaha, the 26-year old Cote d’Ivoire winger is widely considered to be one of the best players in his position at right wing. However, he never managed to break out into the football world, mostly due to the fact he more or less only played for one club his entire career. In 2013 Zaha was bought by Manchester United from Crystal Palace for a fee of £10.58m, however, he only managed to rack up 4 appearances for the Red Devils, because he spent most of his career as a loaned out player to Crystal Palace and Cardiff City. The constant loaning Zaha to Crystal Palace ended in 2015 when United decided to sell him back to his home team for a rather low fee of £3.45m.

Wilfried Zaha became an irreplaceable player in Crystal Palace ever since he joined them in 2015. In his career, he accumulated 320 appearances for the Eagles, scored 52 goals and added 63 assists. While he had a good career at the Eagles, Wilfried Zaha decided he would like to try himself out in other, stronger teams, which would give him a chance to appear in the Champions League competition. His wish will most likely be granted, as the rumours suggest there are plenty of European clubs lining up to sign him. Just to mention a few of those clubs; Arsenal, Borussia Dortmund, Inter Milan, Tottenham and even Paris Saint Germain.

The interest of other clubs in his skills are just what this young winger is looking for. He arguably has the talent to play at the top level, and he himself knows that, which is why he is determined to do just that. When asked about his ambitions and his career he stated:

“I’ve been through so much to get to where I am now for anything to stop me getting to that next level, or returning to that next level.”

“My story doesn’t stop here. I’m too ambitious. And not ambitious just to play for a top club but to win things at club level and with the Ivory Coast. To go to the next level and test myself properly.”

So now we must ask ourselves, what is the pricetag Crystal Palace put on their star player? What would be the appropriate price for Wilfried Zaha going into the summer transfer window?


The Eagles seemed to have found the right number, which is just around £75-80m. Does Wilfried Zaha justify this price tag is something that could spark up an interesting debate, however, in the end, it will be the potential new employees of Zaha that will have the last word in that question. As of now, there is only one club that has offered a set amount of money for Zaha, and that club are no other than the French giants, Paris Saint Germain. PSG are prepared to pay £65million, which is below the asking price of Crystal Palace, however a huge amount of money nonetheless. Should other clubs join in the bidding war is yet to be seen, however with the raw talent to become one of the best players in the world, we can be sure Wilfried Zaha will have more than enough offers to choose from once the summer rolls in.