Bradford City 0-0 Shrewsbury Town Player Ratings: Whalley impresses

Toto Nsiala made some big clearances –

Bradford City’s 0-0 draw with Shrewsbury Town could not be put down to a lack of attacking endeavour from either side; here’s our player ratings from the game.

The Bantams

Colin Doyle – denied Nolan from close-range in the second half, even if he was fortunate that he didn’t have to stretch too much for some of the saves. 6

Tony McMahon – curled a free-kick over the bar in the first half and made one or two nice deliveries early on. Not the quickest but reasonably sound defensively. 7
Nat Knight-Percival – it’s customary to praise a centre-back after a clean sheet but Knight-Percival didn’t fully convince. He looks like a powerful enough player, but sometimes appeared prone to slipping or not quite imposing himself on a dangerous situation. 4
Matthew Kilgallon – dominated Stefan Payne for much of the first half and bailed out the left-back on one or two occasions. Asked to do the job of two players at times. 8
Stephen Warnock – a couple of nice looping crosses early on but his lack of pace and agility soon got exposed. One would think he’ll need to offer more than leadership and experience to stay part of this side. 3

Alex Gilliead – worked hard and made some good interceptions in the first half, followed by some nice runs in the latter stages. End product still looks a tad limited; one wonders whether he’s better suited to a wing-back role. 6
Callum Guy – the endeavour is there, as we saw when he triggered the press, but it’s hard to see quite where he fits. Appears to lack the physicality to do the holding role and the technical finesse to play further forward. 4
Timothee Dieng – in the first half, his physical presence nullified Nolan’s threat and forced Shrewsbury to do most of their attacking through wide areas. Not quite as strong after the break and after the red card increased emphasis on forward passing, we saw one or two limitations to his game. 6
Tyrell Robinson – looked more confident in taking Bolton on once the space opened up after the red card. When he slotted the ball wide on a first half breakaway though, it was hard to avoid the feeling that previous Bradford wingers might have been more productive. 5

Charlie Wyke – worked hard to pressurize the opposing centre-backs and in that sense he benefited from having the midfield closer to him than we saw at Blackburn. Might have used his presence to even greater effect if he’d had slightly better service. 5
Kai Brunker – put himself about and slotted a nice ball through to Robinson in a transitional first half attack, winning a free-kick in the process. With both him and Wyke so driven to win the first loose ball though, Bradford were sometimes short of a forward picking up the pieces. 6

Adam Chicksen (on 73) – a steady and reliable left-back, but not necessarily somebody to scare 10 men in the closing stages. 4
Omari Patrick (on 76) – a bit of extra energy but not much more – the fact Shay McCartan remained on the bench appears telling. 5


Dean Henderson – one or two nice saves in the first half. Appears to be one of the more confident goalkeepers Shrewsbury have had – although as we saw in an injury-time flap, that confidence can now and again be misplaced! 6

James Bolton – tactically disciplined. Didn’t offer too much width due to the nature of the contest, but his defensive diligence saw him make some important back-post clearances. 5
Aristote Nsiala – arguably lucky not to have been sent off for one first half challenge, which highlighted the occasional drawback to his powerful front foot defending. However, he also made some vital clearances in a brave display. 8
Mat Sadler – appeared more conservative than Nsiala. If there was a battle to be had he tended to take the safe clearance option to cede territory, rather than try to win the duel outright. 7
Omar Beckles – his daft sending off for a second yellow on the hour ruined an otherwise tidy performance. The composure in possession we saw from him at Accrington appears to have helped smoothen the transition from centre-back to left-back. 4

Bryn Morris – struggled to impose himself early on but there were spells midway through the game when he pressed intelligently, which one or two of his more attacking teammates had not quite been able to do. 5
Ben Godfrey – not at his defensive best in the first half, when he let his man get a free header from a corner early on. Grew in control after the interval though and dug in for the finale. 5

Shaun Whalley – a constant. Looked to play the ball forward – as we saw with a delightful pass for Nolan’s first half chance – and was always on the move thereafter, even if his finishing could have been better. Gave Warnock hell. 8
Jon Nolan – his lack of physicality hindered him at times in the first half and might have done better with a couple of chances, but his influence for a 15-minute spell after the interval coincided with Shrewsbury’s more coherent attacks. It seems when he plays well, so does the team. 6
Alex Rodman – showed flashes of what he can do in the first 60 minutes, with his powerful runs into central areas. The quality of his shooting left a little to be desired, before a final half hour that required him to keep half an eye on the vacant left-back position, hindering his attacking potential. 6

Stefan Payne – didn’t win too many of his individual battles, especially in the first half, which was problematic given the direct nature of the contest. A nice dummy for Nolan’s big chance in the second half but the ex-Dover man has had better games. 3

Carlton Morris (on 63) – his hard work occupied opposing centre-backs while Salop had 10-men, thus helping to delay Bradford’s sustained pressure until the final 10 minutes. 6
Lenell John-Lewis (on 81) – didn’t get a proper chance to show his attacking qualities. 5